Our Staff

Jane Radio, our Director, began as a teacher’s aide in 1992.  While completing her Associate degree in Early Childhood Education, she co-taught in the three-day morning classes. In 1997, she took on the position of Head Teacher of the three-day program and Director of the school.  Mrs. Radio is always looking for ways to tweak the program in order to better facilitate the development of the students and to provide an enriching experience.

Carla Pitsko joined our staff in 2017 by taking the position of Head Teacher of our two-day program.  She holds a Master of Education degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology.  She is committed to meeting the individual needs of her students and provides a stimulating learning environment using a hand-on approach to actively involve students in the learning process. 

Sharon Longenbach, who is the Associate Teacher of the three-day program and, began her employment with the school in 1996. She holds an Early Childhood Education Degree.  Among her many attributes, Mrs. L (as she is known to the children) is a talented artist.  She has created many of our projects which enhance the development of fine motor, listening and recall skills for our four and five-year-old children preparing for kindergarten.

Kay Stracko, who is the Assistant Teacher for all of our classes, began her employment with the school in 2000. She holds her B.S. degree in Home Economics and Early Childhood.  Mrs. Stracko has an excellent ability to evaluate the needs of the children and often guides them in a humoristic manner by bringing fun into learning.


Note from the Director

The staff members are professionals who are trained in early childhood education and/or related fields. They are qualified, dedicated and caring individuals who provide a nurturing environment as well as the stimulation and education necessary for the child’s development. Each staff member has longevity with the school. They each have individual talents that help to keep the flow of the day moving smoothly and effectively. All staff members are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR.  Criminal record checks and child abuse history clearances are on record. 

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